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Boutiques – an outlet for retail sales

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

When the idea behind Earthy Hues was on its way to becoming a reality, we realized that setting up a store of our own in “the world’s most dynamic city”, Bangalore, would require huge investments. Initially, we sold our products only from our homes. Though we received an encouraging response, we decided to look out for other avenues to sell.

We decided to find out if any store would be willing to offer us ‘shelf space’. The challenge here was not only to find a store willing to accept our products but also to find a store where our eco friendly and handcrafted products do not look out of place. After months of persistent efforts and speaking to many, we were successful in finding appropriate stores to showcase our products.

Cannanore – a Lore from a Loom, Whitefield


It’s often difficult to find like-minded people to work with – people with the same passion, appreciation and love for everything that’s handmade or natural. Our search for someone like that ended with Cannanore- a lore from a loom, a quaint store which celebrates unique handcrafted products in the upscale Inorbit Mall, Whitefield.

Metamorphosis, Indiranagar


A classy boutique which caters to the fashionistas of Bangalore in the charming neighbourhood of Indiranagar is another location where Earthy Hues products are available. Their collection is exclusive and compliments the modern day women. The display of Earthy Hues products here is admirable and eye-catching.

The Queen’s Shop, Ayurvedagram, Whitefield


Ayurvedagram is a heritage wellness retreat in the suburbs of Bangalore. It attracts foreigners and Indians alike for ayurvedic treatments. The Queen’s Shop at Ayurvedagram displays Earthy Hues products and the response that we have received so far from the guests has been very encouraging.

It has been a pleasant and successful association which each of these stores. In the coming days, we are hopeful of finding more such stores to display our products.

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