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At Earthy Hues, we give a lot of importance to our customers’ satisfaction and value their feedback immensely.  There have been instances when new products were created or a few products were slightly altered based on the suggestions we received from our clients. That could probably be the reason why they remember us and buy from us each time they need to shop/gift. Our joy knows no bounds when we receive words of appreciation from them.

Kavitha. A, Customer Service Professional, Bangalore

kavita testimonial.jpg

“What I love about Earthy Hues and their products is how close they are to nature. Be it the bag in which I carry (literally) “my whole world” to the earthy lamps that welcome me home, they make me feel like (though I live in a city)’, I am in the midst of nature!”

Mala Prasad, Centre Head, Aviation Academy, Kochi

Mala Prasad.jpg

"I am so proud and excited to support the banana fiber bio degradable products. These products which I have been using for years are eco friendly, highly durable and stylish which distinguish it from other commercial products."

Anupma Yadav, Home-maker, USA

Anupma Yadav.jpg

"Thank you, Earthy Hues for bringing to life the concept of beautiful and ethnic bags. I have been using these bags for the last 10 years. They are amazing in quality and designed to fulfill all my needs. Thank you!"

Prasanna Nair, Self-employed, Bangalore


"Earthy Hues has been a 'go to' for over a decade now...helping me get my fix of the perfect handbag and a conversation starter rolled into one."

Anjali Nair, Founder, The Cannanore Shop


"I will always remember how Rekha and Maya walked into The Cannanore Shop 7 years ago with a bunch of Earthy Hues bags to be showcased at our store. We've been together through the last many years and I have owned several of their banana fibre bags and gifted some too. And of course we have several loyal customers who come back to the store or buy online their favourite bags from us. Their bags are sturdy, smart and pretty and oh so earthy all rolled into one. We hope to always have Earthy Hues with The Cannanore Shop and many more happy customers. Love & luck always, Rekha and Maya!"

Priyanka Raghavan, Cyber Security Architect, Bangalore


" Banana fiber lamps- These lamps not only make my house elegant but certify an air of sophistication because I chose to be earthy. Thank for filling our homes with taste and superior quality. Looking forward to the next decade"

Chandana Shenoy, Writer, Mangalore

chandana testimonial.jpg

“What I love about Earthy Hues and their products is how close they are to nature. Be it the bag in which I carry (literally) “my whole world” to the earthy lamps that welcome me home, they make me feel like (though I live in a city)’, I am in the midst of nature!”

Smitha Prasani, Mental Health Professional, Bangalore

Smitha Prasani.jpg

"Earthy the name indicates connects you with nature and the goodness it has to offer. Wallets, bags, totes, home name it I have owned and given away as gifts cherished by my friends all over the world. Wishing Earth Hues a great 10th Anniversary and many more fruitful years ahead"

Sruthi Jayakumar, Educator, Pune

Sruthi Jayakumar_edited.jpg

"I have always been a fan of the Earthy Hues products. Be it the clutches, sling bags, wallets, folder, diary and more. Out of these, this sling bag has been my favorite. It is my go to bag, one that I can quickly grab and head out. The design is modern and ethnic. It suits any outfit you wear. I am sooo happy to see you guys celebrating your 10th anniversary this year. Keep up the great work and hope to see many more products. Congrats and all the best. "

Deeta Nair, Director, The Empower Foundation, USA


"I had purchased 16 clutches from Earthy Hues to be given as thank you gifts to family, some of the recipients who got them from me just love the product. The greatness of these clutches are they are all Organic. What more can we ask for? Their workmanship, different hues and designs are so beautiful. They are light weight and extremely durable too.

I have also used Earthy Hues products as gifts to our Mentors and Special guests at The EMPower Foundation. Every one of them have appreciated the gift and are extremely happy with the organic clutches and handbags. They simply love it!

I must also commend the teams attention to detail not just in their products but also in their customer service. They make you feel very proud and happy for your purchase and the products arrive safely always!

I highly recommend Earthy Hues to you all, let’s help the environment and let’s all stay healthy.

Happy 10th Anniversary to Earthy Hues and congratulations to the entire team on a terrific and creative idea." 

Priya. P, PR Manager, Karunashraya


'I carry this bag whenever I go out. It's stylish and chic and suits my travel requirements. It has lots of space to keep all my essentials and more. It is the ideal bag for the traveler in me"

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