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In The News

Intrigued by the idea of making various products with hand loomed banana fibre fabric, two women entrepreneurs who share a love for ethnic and handmade products, joined hands to set up a firm called Earthy Hues. Earthy Hues is today, a design house which conceives a product, sources the raw materials and works in unison with a strong team of artisans who toil relentlessly to create a piece befitting the product line.

The journey of creating new products and celebrating the skills of the gifted artisans continue at Earthy Hues. Follow us on Facebook  or visit and check out our latest product range. 

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The Tribune, 13th April, 2013

Your Story, 4th October, 2016

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Konnections, October 2013

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The New Indian Express, 18th Jan, 2017

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The New Indian Express, 21st Oct, 2022
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