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Earthy Hues is a design house which specializes in banana fibre products. The products are conceptualized and designed by the Earthy Hues team of Rekha Rajagopal and Maya Ajay. At Earthy Hues, banana fibre fabric is used with fabrics like silk, kalamkari, cotton, ikkat etc. to make the products look attractive and contemporary. The fabric for this purpose is sourced from different places and many a times, directly from the weavers.

Earthy Hues offers a wide range of products from home décor to stationery, from bags to clutches and accessories. Earthy Hues home decor products include blinds for doors and windows, lamps, cushion covers, table mats and runners. We work with interior designers to install banana fibre blinds, panels etc and also provide them with home decor products that add to the opulent and elegant feel of their project. Earthy Hues products have found their way to many homes and offices in India and abroad.

Eco friendly, biodegradable products have been gaining wide acceptance in the recent times. Earthy Hues aims to create awareness regarding eco-friendly banana fibre products and in the process, find a market for these products.

We, at Earthy Hues cater to those who appreciate the hard work and aesthetics involved in creating banana fibre products. Extremely versatile and durable, the scope of banana fibre fabric is immense.

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