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Team Earthy Hues

The Team (Rekha Rajagopal & Maya Ajay) who is at the heart of this business speaks :

"It came as a surprise to us that the stem of the banana plant, apart from being an integral part of our cuisine, can be used to make beautiful and unique products also. Banana fibre products are not easily available and not many people are aware of its existence. Earthy Hues was born out of this realization and aims to create awareness of these products.






Our products range from home décor to stationery to bags, clutches and accessories. Banana fibre is also blended with fabrics like silk, kalamkari, cotton and other natural fibres to make it look attractive and contemporary.

There is a perception that "going green" lifestyle is expensive. Earthy Hues makes a sincere attempt to make banana fibre products affordable to all. The response we have had to our initiative and our products is truly humbling and overwhelming. Earthy Hues is a passion, something close to our heart. Whenever we see someone carrying one of our bags/clutches, it brings such a wide grin on our face, it’s unbelievable."

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