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Collection 2022: "Beyond Dreams"

Earthy Hues is getting ready to celebrate 11 years of being in business and we understand that we are blessed beyond measure. We have behind us a team of skilled artisans, loyal patrons, supportive family and friends who motivate us to push beyond our limits and come out successful.

Our limit is beyond our dreams. Our new collection, “Beyond Dreams” is inspired by this thought.

Are you an eco-enthusiast with a contemporary fashion style? Then, this range is definitely for you. The eco-friendly products have been designed keeping in mind the requirements of our customers. Attractive designs, high on utility and durability, banana fibre products from Earthy Hues are a must-have.

Launching our latest collection, Beyond Dreams right here, right now!

The collection includes Handbags, Sling Bags, Clutches, Home Décor products and Stationery.

Alora range of Clutches & Wallets: Alora is a latin word which means “beautiful dream”. Alora clutches & wallets are like beautiful dreams that are magnificent and flawless. They are attractive and contemporary in their designs. They can hold all your valuables and essentials comfortably. The clutches can be carried to social events as well as casual outings. Check out the Alora range of Clutches & Wallets at

Ananta range of Bags: There is no limit to what one can achieve. The possibilities are Ananta (limitless in Sanskrit). Ananta range of bags prove just that. Ananta range of bags are available in different designs. They are eye-catching and stunning. They are available in different sizes suitable for all your requirements. The range include crossbody bags, handbags, shoulder bags, totes, mobile sling bags etc. The long handles are adjustable and detachable depending on the designs. The bags come equipped with mobile/open pouches and side pouches with zip. Want a bag to take to your office or a casual evening out or on a trip? We have got you covered. Shop from the Ananta range of bags at

Yume range of Stationery: Yume means “dreams” in Japanese. How wonderful it would be if you could record your dreams, experiences, cherished ambitions and goals in beautiful stationery made from eco-friendly banana fibre? Notepads, Folders and Planners are a part of Yume range of stationery. We also introduce a new product in this range - Laptop Sleeves. It can hold a laptop up to the size of 14”. Shop for a wide range of stationery at

Dyuti range of Home Décor Products: Our new home décor range is aptly named Dyuti (a word of Sanskrit origin which means shining like the sun). Let's create our own sunshine to make our dreams come true. Let the décor of your home uplift the mood at home with Dyuti range of home décor products. The range includes beautiful Table Runners with matching Table Mats and Cushion Covers. The fabrics used are aesthetically pleasing and gorgeous. Dyuti range of Home Décor Products are now available at

Challenges faced while working on the collection:

“We don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges” – this quote holds true for Earthy Hues.

The pandemic has affected our business just like how it has affected any other small business. Severe impact on revenue, disruption in production, unavailability of artisans and workers, lack of adequate sales and delay in delivery of orders to mention a few challenges. We were helpless and disappointed. During this period, we focused only on keeping our business alive and we are proud of the fact that Earthy Hues survived!

As we started to breathe a sigh of relief post pandemic, came the incessant rains. We are still reeling from the impact of the heavy rains on the raw materials. Plantain trees came crashing down and the banana fibre collected by the workers soaked completely in rains and rotted. Sourcing raw materials in these tough times is another challenge that came our way.

We braved these challenges to the best of our abilities with the support of our well-wishers and family members. Our determination to think positive and be resilient helped us stay motivated during the tough times.

To cut a long story short, we are ready to launch our new collection, “Beyond Dreams”.

Why shop for Earthy Hues products?

Earthy Hues products are handcrafted with handloomed banana fibre fabric. The fabric is loomed on traditional looms by the artisans in different parts of rural India. Banana fibre fabric like any other natural fibre is biodegradable. Earthy Hues aims to create awareness of banana fibre products and encourages all to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. The products are sturdy, durable and high on utility. Style and functionality become synonymous when you own an Earthy Hues product.

May we all continue to strive beyond our dreams and attain happiness. Hope you love our new collection, “Beyond Dreams” as much as we loved creating it.

Our new collection is now available at . You can get in touch with us at Please follow us on our Social Media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

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