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Going Shopping? Carry Your Own Bag

India will implement a ban on single-use plastic items from July 1, 2022. A welcome move, it’s time to look for eco-friendly alternatives.


  • To reduce the adverse effects caused to the environment because of plastic-pollution.

  • To reduce the amount of waste we generate.

  • It’s imperative that we save the natural resources for our future generations.

  • So that the plastic bags don’t end up in a landfill or get littered on streets or thrown into the ocean causing enormous damage to our environment, wildlife, marine life etc.

  • To avoid microplastic ingestion.

  • Most of the stores charge for the bags they give you. Carry your own bag and save some money.

  • Lessen the greenhouse gas emissions caused by plastic production.


  • Use bags made of cloth or natural fibres like banana fibre, jute etc.

  • Reuse the bags that you already own even if it means that you have to use plastic covers.

  • Buy products that are packaged in glass bottles or paper as they can be recycled.

  • Keep a few cloth bags of various sizes in your car and your handbag. You never know when the shopping bug bites you.

  • Visit stores that give you a plastic-free shopping experience. They are difficult to find but do try.

  • Shop for sustainable products and shop from eco-friendly brands as much as possible.

  • Refuse to accept plastic bags if a store offers them to you.


Right here. You can shop for eco-friendly bags from

Tote bags, Yotes, Bucket bags and Arch bags are perfect bags to carry while going shopping. Earthy Hues bags are made of banana fibre fabric that is loomed on traditional handlooms by the artisans. The bags are not only sturdy and durable but also beautiful.

They are handcrafted by skilled workers and we take extreme care to make sure that the seams don’t split when the bag is heavy. The bags have cotton handles and are very comfortable to carry. The Sling Bags have adjustable handles and they give the users the ease to use both hands freely while shopping.

Even if one cannot eliminate the use of plastic completely, one can cut down on its use of the same. We believe that day by day, the number of people who advocate the importance of sustainability is increasing and so are the numbers of people who are getting inspired by these eco-warriors. And that is a mighty achievement.

Do your bit and feel good.


  • Most countries have banned the use of plastic bags mainly because they realized plastic bags have been blocking waterways and drainage systems.

  • In 2002, Bangladesh became the first country to ban plastic bags

  • Kenya introduced the world’s toughest plastic ban in 2017.

  • Some countries have imposed taxes on the consumption of plastic bags and that has lessened their use significantly.

  • India’s per capita plastic waste generation has doubled in the last 5 years.

  • In 2019, Corner House Ice Creams, Bangalore introduced BYOB (Bring Your Own Bowl) initiative to encourage their customers to bring their own containers. For every disposable container saved, Corner House donates Rs.10 to a worthy cause.

Do you know of any stores that provide customers with a plastic-free shopping environment? Do share the names with us and our readers. May their tribe increase.

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*Info and pics that are not on/of Earthy Hues, Courtesy: Google

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