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Earthy Hues – An exciting journey continues !

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Intrigued by the idea of making various products with hand loomed banana fibre fabric, two women entrepreneurs who share a love for ethnic and handmade products, joined hands to set up a firm called Earthy Hues. Earthy Hues is today, a design house which conceives a product, sources the raw materials and works in unison with a strong team of artisans who toil relentlessly to create a piece befitting the product line.

One of the first products from the Earthy Hues stable is the Cream Clutch with Red Border. The clutch is made out of black warp banana fibre fabric and the flap has a cream coloured silk fabric. A red thread-work border provides a perfect contrast. The perfect style accessory with ethnic wear for grand occasions, the Cream Clutch with Red Border turned out to be a runaway hit. To see our current collection of clutches click here

Clutch with thread work (Clutch)

Another product that has been well accepted is the Top Crochet Bag. It has hand crocheted banana fibre on the top, and different fabrics like matka silk/cotton/kalamkari are attached to it in a unique way to give the bag its desired shape. The challenge was to get the pleats on the fabric right. The design is deemed as “cute and stylish” by our customers. To check out our new collection of bags please click here.

Crochet Bag (Bags)

Sling Bags are a most sought-after product, be it for gifting or for personal use. One of the first sling bag designs to hit the market was the Sling bag with Mughal Digital Print Fabric. Almost a square, the sling bag has an adjustable handle, a side pocket with zip and a mobile pouch on the other side. The bag is touted for its convenience and style factor. Click here to see our sling bags in latest designs.


Earthy Hues home décor products adorn the offices and homes of many. Earthy Hues designed a drum shaped hanging lamp when the FIFA Cup was happening in Brazil. We aptly named it the Samba Drum Lamp. The lamp is made from banana fibre-hibiscus fabric and has a silk piping. Currently, Samba Drum Lamps are available with piping in Wine Red cotton silk and Kalamkari fabric. The lamps are available in 12” and 10” diameter. To view them click here.

Samba Drum Lamp (Lamps)

Though we had been successful in making square cushion covers, on our first attempt to make a Rectangular Cushion, we were anxious about the end result. However, it was a pleasant experience and the great response from our clientele assured us that we are on the right track. The Rectangular Cushions are available for sale with the filler. Click here for details.


Every year from November 4th to December 4th we celebrate “Earthy Hues Anniversary Month”. Different contests are held during this period where our customers actively participate and win Earthy Hues products. One such contest was “What Next?” We asked our clients for their suggestions on what they wanted us to make next. The winner was Mrs. Pallavi Navin, entrepreneur at R’ZU who proposed to us to make a Wallet. The wallet has been received well and we were elated that Mrs.Pallavi Navin was one of the first customers of the same. The latest design in wallets can be seen here.


Folders make excellent gifts. Hence when we decided to give it a ‘desi’ touch with Ikkat and Indigo fabrics we were confident that they would be bestsellers. Our folders have found their way to resorts, office tables, schools, homes etc. Click here to see our folder collection.


The journey of creating new products and celebrating the skills of the gifted artisans continue at Earthy Hues. Follow us on Facebook  or visit and check out our latest product range.

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