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Clutch it in Style

Clutches are a must-have in a women’s wardrobe. Women tend to match their clutch with the outfit they are wearing.

It accentuates their dress.

A tiny dose of history

In earlier days, women wore dresses that were voluminous to parties. A lot of fabric was used to make such dresses and pockets were concealed neatly into those designs. Women carried essentials and objects of value in those pockets. However, towards the early 20th century, the slim silhouette became the trend and pockets became either small or nil. That’s when clutches or handbags started to be used widely. At parties, a bag hanging on the shoulder was not considered fashionable as it took away the attention from the dress. On the other hand, a clutch became a must-have accessory.

Clutches were made out of expensive materials and embellished with jewels and could be afforded only by the wealthy. The clutches in those days were glittery and signified wealth and status. During World War II, due to the rationing of materials, clutches had to be made using cloth and that’s when it became affordable for everyone.

Much later, clutches were made from leather and shiny synthetic fabrics as well.

Fast forward to present

Nowadays, clutches come in a variety of styles and forms-purses, envelopes, box types, chain straps, wristlets, etc. They can be carried to social events as well as casual outings. Celebrities have been spotted carrying shimmery and dazzling clutches on the red carpet.

For those who choose the eco-friendly way of life, options are plenty. Clutches are made from sustainable materials and vegan materials. Renewable materials like natural fibers and cork fabric are also used to make clutches. Earthy Hues makes clutches with biodegradable banana fiber fabric and is one of our best-selling products.

How to wear a clutch

  • Clutch it at the bottom with your left hand and keep your arm to your side. It leaves your right hand free to shake hands with people or hold a glass.

  • Clutch it with both hands in front of you with fingertips facing downwards. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge set a trend by holding a clutch with both hands in front of her body. This posture looks elegant and classy.

  • Clutch it at the top with your index finger extended out.

  • Clutch it firmly in a dainty manner.

  • Some clutches come with chain straps that you can sling on your shoulder if you are tired of grasping a clutch. You can wear it around your wrists if it has a wrist loop.

  • Oversized clutches can be tucked under your arm but never tuck small-sized clutches under your arm.

  • Never place it on the floor or the table. It is considered unhygienic. Leave it on an empty chair at the table.

What to carry in a clutch

Depending on the size of the clutch, one can carry

  • Lipstick

  • Wallet

  • Keys

  • Mobile phone

  • Mascara

  • Sunglasses

  • A compact mirror

  • Wet wipes

  • A small bottle of sanitizer

  • A handkerchief

  • Lip balm

  • Pen

  • A packet of mints

  • Mask

Make sure not to overstuff your clutch.

How to choose a clutch

Choose a clutch depending on the occasion.

  • A festive occasion demands a silk or brocade silk clutch.

  • Choose to carry cotton or cotton silk clutches for your everyday need.

  • A printed fabric clutch is perfect for a casual outing.

Choose a clutch based on color

  • Opt for neutral colors with casual outfits.

  • For gatherings, opt for darker colors that will complement your light-colored dress

  • Keep in mind that specific colors might go well with daytime outfits but may not go well with nighttime outfits

Choose a clutch based on material

  • Being an eco-friendly brand, we recommend clutches made of biodegradable and sustainable materials only.

  • Clutches made of banana fiber are durable and can be teamed with many outfits.

Over and above all this, choose a clutch based on your budget, preferences, and personal style. You can never go wrong! Make a style statement by carrying a clutch that complements your dress and your style.


  • The oldest clutch bag in the world is believed to be over 700 years old. Originally from the city of Mosul, Northern Iraq, the intrinsic work on it is stunning.

  • The women of the British Royal family are known to carry clutches to avoid awkward hand shaking situations.

  • During official events, the Queen is known to secretly signal her aides by moving the position of her clutch/bag. These signals get her out of conversations or help her wrap up an event.

  • Princess Diana used to hold her clutch close to her chest while getting out of her car so that the paparazzi did not get an inappropriate angle.

  • Actress Angela Basset gathered attention by carrying a red lip-shaped clutch to the Oscars, 2021

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*For Info and Pics that are not of Earthy Hues, Courtesy: Google

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