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Quest for Sustainable Alternatives

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

For over a decade now, Earthy Hues is in its small way trying to promote eco-friendly living. Earthy Hues products are eco-friendly and biodegradable. The banana fiber fabric is hand-loomed by the artisans. We do not rely on machines that consume electricity to manufacture the product. We put in conscious efforts to make sure that we do not use plastic or any material that will cause harm to our planet. In spite of that, we do admit that sometimes we find ourselves in a helpless position. The main factors that restrict us from going fully eco-friendly are the cost factor and the unavailability of a durable alternative. A small business like ours, however passionate we are about sustainable living, find ourselves at crossroads at times. So what do we do in such situations? Earthy Hues folders are one of the most sought-after products. When we launched the product, we had a small plastic rectangular transparent pouch fixed to the folder so that a student or an office go-er can slip in a card with their details. We tried to find an alternative but were left empty-handed. We had no choice but to do away with the plastic pouch. We are still on the lookout for an eco-friendly option so that we can add the transparent pouch which our customers might find useful.

When we started, we were told that the handles of the bags have to be made of leather/ faux leather as they are sturdy and beautiful. We could not agree with that. We were determined to find an alternative. Cotton handles were born from that determination. We also made bag handles using banana fiber. Our customers of over ten years vouch for the durability of the Earthy Hues bag handles.

Banana Fibre Bags
Banana Fibre Wrapped Handles

Handloomed Banana Fibre and Ikkat Fabric used to make handles

Packaging covers and materials are made of plastic, Polypropylene, PVC, etc. They are widely used because of their durability, resistance to dirt, and most importantly, low cost. In such a scenario, we encourage our customers to bring their shopping bags, suggest them to shop for a bag from the Earthy Hues Bag collection to carry their shopped items, or, wrap them with old newspapers or biodegradable covers.

When it comes to orders that we need to ship, we use corrugated rolls that are eco-friendly for packing instead of plastic covers and sheets. However, we are still forced to use packing tapes that are not very eco-friendly. As soon as we find an economical alternative we will switch over to that and until then, we will restrict its use to the minimum necessary. Plastic pollution is a global issue. In the current situation, it is very difficult to lead a 100% “no plastic” life. Hence, let us try our best to minimize the use of plastic and look for alternatives. Earthy Hues will continue its endeavor to create awareness about the benefits of using products made out of banana fiber.

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